Welcome to the SeoulCell Demo!

SeoulCell is the automatic standard cell layout generator developed by SNUCAD.

Contact: Prof. Taewhan Kim (tkim (at)

How to Interpret

Output Example

Cell Name: (1)

===========FEOL information==========

The number of gates: (2) -> Area: (3)um^2

Poly order: (4)

===========BEOL information==========

Pin order: (5)

Pin length (The number of access points):

(6): (7) ((8))

Output Interpretation

(1): The name of the generated standard cell.

(2): The number of gates(polys) including cell boundary gates.

(3): The area is calculated by (cell height) * (poly pitch*(poly number-1)).

(4): The order of gates(polys). NULL represents a dummy gate.

(5): The order of input/output pins. It is based on the center line of the cell.

(6): The name of input/output pins.

(7): The length of input/output pins.

(8): The number of access points of input/output pins.

Access point means the point where pin and metal track intersect.

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1. PDK Types

2. Cell Types